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A short edited video of my interview with Dave Stubbings, Sports Editor of Pluto, asking him who he believes is currently the best footballer in the world.


Here it is, I only managed to put on 7 due to a very slow and error ridden computer

Below is a map showing 4 stories which were in the Lancashire Evening Post on 26/10/2009. I have customised the map icons to make it visually appealing and also tried to vary the stories between hard and soft news.

I have also provided links to the website versions of the articles and also a link related to each story.

Deaths of British troops in Afghanistan have increased in 2009. The graph above shows that since 2002, when the UK entered the war in Afghanistan with the US, deaths have steadily been increasing each year. A total of 222 soldiers have been killed in the country

The majority of British troops were withdrawn between April and June this year, but the death toll has been increasing, showing the problems that the forces have faced in Afghanistan. In July, 22 servicemen lost their lives and in August, the death count was 19.

A recent poll conducted conducted by YouGov found that 62% of the public surveyed wanted the troops to return immediately or within the next year. But the amount of people wanted a withdrawl from Afghanistan has decreased over the past couple of years

Today, a review into the deaths of 14 servicemen, after their Nimrod XV230 crashed in September 2006, concluded that the crash could have been prevented and the Government aims to name those responsible.

The near eight year plot to find the leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden looks increasingly futile and Gordon Brown has been called by some to withdraw. The last month with no soldier deaths in Afghanistan was November 2006.

The original image of Deepdale

A 100×100 pixel thumbnail in jpeg format, showing Preston’s crest
Preston North End badge

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Sir Tom Finney Stand, Deepdale

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Preston crest and away kit advertisement